What is Internet? Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet? All about Internet


   Some people say that
his friend is always on internet and some say that He’s become very bad after getting a internet
connection to his computer. Some say that He’s got lot of knowledge after using internet.
Let’s look at What actually internet brings to us.

What is Internet?

   The internet is sometimes called simply net. It is basically a network of computers interconnected across the worldwide. It is accessible to everyone in the world. These interconnected computers share data through a standard protocal called TCP / IP. It’s connected with billions of computers across private, public,government,business and education sectors.

What are the Advantage of having internet?

   Are you music lover? Want to look out for latest albums, songs? There plenty of sites offers the free, downloadable music. What to send a quick message,photo, document or video to your friend who is living in 9000miles far away country, You could send it a minute to him via internet through email. There are lots of thing you could do with it. Some of them are list down below

  1. To send and receive emails (http://mail.google.com, http://mail.yahoo.com )
  2. Keeping uptodate with news ( www.bbc.co.uk/news,www.cnn.com,www.metro.co.uk/news )
  3. Don’t know a meaning of word?A subject?Maths,Science and Technology (www.wikipedia.org,www.google.com)
  4. Listen online free music,mixes,albums (www.raaga.com,8tracks.com)
  5. watch out latest movie releases,ratings,trailers(www.imdb.com)
  6. watch out videos of celebreties,bloggers,education tutorials (www.youtube.com)
  7. Those who prefer reading online news paper (
  8. www.nytimes.com,timesofindia.indiatimes.com,www.thesun.co.uk)

  9. Staying in touch with friends with social networkings sites (www.facebook.com,twitter.com)< br />

    and lot more….Look out for Top Univeristies, colleges, Government policies and procedures,Booking holidays,tickets….There nothing that can not done with Internt.

Is Internet Bad?

   Oh Yes…Its too addictive and If this is used for some of the things listed above.Then its good,quick and more informative But Not everyone uses it for good.
The personal information like name, address, telephone numbers can be seen/accessed by others.
With Internet, the Pornography, there are absolutely millions of sites offer lots of pornoraphy vidoes,pictures. This is a very serious issue concerning the Internet and especially when it comes to youth and young childrens. There are thousands of pornographic sites on the Internet that can be easily found and can be a detriment to letting children use the Internet.One morething is with Spamming, Sending unsolicited e-mails in bulk.

How to control the Child pornography/Illegal activities on the internet?

   Whenever we come across any illegal activities over the internet and child pornography, then Let’s report it to the our nearest police station, Cyber Crime center and Our Internet Service providers.


   Overall, Now a dayss without internet nothing can be done. It’s very good and Let’s guide our new generation to use it in a right way. There are billions of people who use internet everday get benefit for their work and for pleasure and Let’s all be very responsible to report any spammers and illegal activities to the Cyber Crime team to make internet cleaner and safer to use.

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