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How does Groovy helps Lazy coders

Groovy helps lazy developers

Groovy programming language


The below list of things that developers need not worry about in Groovy programming language.

  • No need to put semicolon in the code after every statement
  • No modifiers
  • No need to define classes
  • No need to define variable types ( Groovy is Java code without types )
  • No need to compile as it interprets source code directly
  • Developers first line of code “Hello World” is simple to write in Groovy without creating a file.
 cmd>groovy -e "println 'Hello World!'"

All together Groovy means less typing….

Groovy – Start up Tutorials ( What is Groovy ???)

What is Groovy?

Groovy programming language


Groovy is a Programming language for Java.  It is actually sits on top of Java 2 Standard Edition. Groovy is like another high level programming language which is similar to Ruby and Python.

The syntax for Groovy language is similar to Java and it’s quite easy to pick up if you’re a java developer. It’s compiled to Java Virtual Machine (JVM)bytecode and interopera

tes with other Java code and libraries.

Let’s start Learning the Groovy Programming now !!!!!