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Review – Apple TV Product features

    We are very excited to write a review on this latest Apple TV product. As expected it’s a great product for all apple fans. It has not disappointed anyone as far as we see. Let’s see in detail of what this new product has got to offer.

    It’s a great device for streaming our media from iTunes on our Mac and PC as well for playback on our TV over Wi-Fi.iOS 5 has opened up Apple TV to a whole new level of functionality that means the owner of iPad, iPhone or iPod touch can easily consider this new apple product because We simply plug this into our TV via HDMI cable and connect it to our Wi-Fi network.

    AirPlay, it just takes our computer away and let’s stream our content from all i devices, It’s just amazing. We could now rent or buy movies directly from the iTunes Store and play it on TV via this little device.

    Another exciting feature is that iOS 5 is mirroring, in which everything that appears on our devices like iPad/iPhone/iPod touch’s screens also appears on our TV. It’s really cool for display photos from our i devices like iPhone. It get’s more exciting with gaming allowing us to use our i devices iphone, ipad as the controller for the game and letting it displaying on our TV.

    We all know that the cool thing with Photo Stream which has been newly introduced by apple through iCloud services. It basically syns the photos in all our devices. That means taking a photo in our iPhone, it pushes automatically to all our iOS devices like Mac, iPad,iPhone and iPod touch without having to use iTunes to syn all the time.

    With Apple Tv, this photo stream is now accessing through Apple TV displaying all our cool photos easily. Now, Whenever you take a pic with iPhone somewhere down the park side and come watch the pic on your Apple TV.

    Want to listen to your favorite music, songs, playlist on your iPhone in TV, It can be just done with a press of button on your iPhone. When you want to play it, just choose Airplay button on your iPhone.

    What’s else, Do you need a remote? A little aluminum Apple remote is included with the Apple TV and also we could control Apple TV with Apple’s Remote application available for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone in Apple Store.

    One Limitation we see now is Apple TV does not contain a TV tuner or a person video recorder.

Below are the highlighted Product Features: 

  • Stream films, TV programs, music, photos and more to the redesigned Apple TV
  • Connect to your widescreen TV and wirelessly sync your iTunes library
  • Rent films, ad-free and in HD with Apple TV. HD films
  • Control with the free Remote app or stream content from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with AirPlay
  • The new Apple TV is energy efficient with an incredibly small carbon footprint


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5 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Online Niche

There is a lot of competition on the internet. Sometimes it is hard to see an open spot where you might have some success. This can lead you to relunctantly start up a website, or not start one at all. The truth is that you are going to find competition in all aspects of life. But hey, thats not a bad thing. Competition can be a good thing if it drives you to produce something better. On top of that, you should never chose a niche soley based on competition. Finding your perfect online niche is sort of an evolving process. You always start somewhere, but along the way things seem to change and you may end up somewhere that you never imagined. The important thing is that you start.

Tip 1 – Do Some Research
You should always be armed with a great deal of research should you chose to invest in an online website. Going in blindly without investing anytime is detrimental for two reasons. First you have no idea what to expect. Second, when you are going in without investing any time, it is an easy out due to the fact you are not that involved. You should research everything. Maybe what layout you will use. How much money you might need. How much time you will dedicate to your brand new niche. You should definately start looking into the search volumes and see how you might be able to gain traffic fast. A good SEO Company can help you with that, so you might considering looking for one of those as well.

Tip 2 – Money is Not a Cost, It’s an Investment
Do not go into a niche simply because it is the cheapest route you can find to an online presence. If you are putting money into your website then you should look at it as an invesment, not a cost. This includes things like graphics, software, design, etc. Anything that can make your website better should always be viewed as an investment.

Tip 3 – Network
Before you go and jump into an online website, you might want to network and engage others in your future niche. You can do this a number of ways. You can visit others site and leave comments, email, use social networks, ask questions, or simply just read/view others sites. Often time the second entry to a market does better by improving on mistakes that the forerunners might have made.

Tip 4 – Be Passionate
Being passionate about a particular subject may be the most important thing. If you do not enjoy the the subject that you chose your niche to be then odds are you will have less success. The more you invest into your subject then the better you will do. Then more you are passionate about your subject the more you will obviosuly invest. This might be the most important part to chosing your niche.

Tip 5 – Do NOT Quit
Once you finally chose your niche it is important to know that you will make mistakes online. You are going to run into a few problems along the way. That is completely normal and giving up will just be a shame. Stick wit it, you can always take your time. A website isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon. If you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed then simply just cut back the time you are spending on it. Then you can make  it fun again and you will feel better about how it is going.

It is certainly hard to chose the right niche. Sometimes people try a few before they realy know whats best for them. The important thing is to stick with it. Not everyone becomes an overnight success. Make sure you do some research, invest in your niche, find the proper networks, and pick something that you enjoy. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone does. Once you have come this far, a new niche is just a few clicks away.

This article was written by Ben Anderson. Ben is a tech blogger who likes to give free advice about many various topics including niche blogging. He believes that every successful online presence starts with a great Web Development Service.